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Dictionary of Shrubs in Colour (duży format)

S. Millar Gault
Nr katalogowy: 01170004
Liczba stron 202
Rok wydania 1976
Okładka twarda
Rozmiar 24x32 cm
Stan książki średni/wyraźne zużycie
duży format, papierowa obwoluta jest pognieciona na brzegach i pożółkła, lekko pożółkłe strony
ilość dostępnych sztuk 1
Cena: 17,60 zł

Book description:

          This is one of the most comprehensive colour books on the subject of shrubs and their cultivation available to the gardener. With over 500 shrubs illustrated in full colour, you can immediately recognise and plan the plants for your garden.

          Though shrubs are essential in every garden, their cultivation is a subject that has rarely been treated on its own. Now, with the increasing interest in easy-to-maintain gardens and the wide availability of differing form and colour, this book provides a true guide to their remarkable range. The first 24 pages of preliminary and introductory matter cover their cultivation, choice and particularities and are illustrated with practical how-to-do black-and-white photographs; the A-Z colour dictionary follows. Shrubs are rich in their variety of uses from winter flowers, spring flowers to the great blossoming of summer and on to the autumn colour of leaf and berries which persist, subject to the bird appetite, into the winter to meet the early bloomers again. As well as the much loved shrubs such as rhododendrons, roses, mock oranges and buddleias, small trees are included together with some larger growing species and varieties which can be maintained in shrubby form by shearing.

          Following the 500 colour picture section the alphabetical dictionary covers many more species and varieties than those illustrated. Where necessary, any particular cultivation requirements are mentioned with the general descriptions.

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