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Eyewitness Guides: Cat - Discover the Fascinating World of Cats, Their Evolution, Behaviour and Secret Lives (duży format)

Nr katalogowy: 00160004
Liczba stron 64
Rok wydania 1991
Okładka twarda
Rozmiar 23x29 cm
Stan książki dobry
duży format, zagniecenia na papierowej obwolucie, książka ilustrowana kolorowymi zdjęciami
ilość dostępnych sztuk 1
Cena: 25,00 zł

Book description:

          Here is an original and exciting look at the extraordinary world of cats, both wild and domestic. Stunning, real-life photographs of large and small cats, and the art and artefacts they have inspired, offer a unique "eyewitness" view that covers the subject from tooth to claw.

          a jaguar swimming * a cat that can outrun a car * a cat with a curly coat * a leopard that has lost its spots * the cat worshipped by the Egyptians * a caracal's tuffed ears * a black panther stalking its prey

          why cats need whiskers * how cats purr * how the Manx cat lost its tail * why a lick from a friendly lion could skin you alive * why a lion has a mane * why a tiger is striped

          how cats communicate * why cats play with prey * why cats eat grass * how and why a tomcat marks his territory * how cats find their way home * why the black cat has been persecuted and pampered * why cats are said to have nine lives

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