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Campaign! The Selling of the Prime Minister: From Behind the Doors of Downing Street and Conservative Central Office - a Unique Inside Account of the Battle for Power

Rodney Tyler
Nr katalogowy: 04940005
Liczba stron 251
Rok wydania 1987
Okładka miękka
Rozmiar 13x22 cm
Stan książki dobry
ilość dostępnych sztuk 1
Cena: 28,00 zł

Book description:

- What could have been seen from the windows of SDP headquarters on 7 January this year?
- Why did Norman Tebbit have a grin on his face from 15 April onwards?
- Why did Lord Young believe The Eastenders more important than politics?
- Who were Mrs Thatcher's "exiles" and where did they meet?
- What was the "doomsday scenario"?
- What is the real story behind the Tories' decision to change the direction of their advertising campaign on "wobbly Thursday"?

          From the start of the 1987 election campaign the Tories appeared to hold all the cards. They had carefully chosen the date. They were the great media communicators. Their lead in the opinion polls seemed unassailable. And yet it so nearly turned into a nightmare. Written with the co-operation of a number of important people in key positions in the Conservative Party, Rodney Tyler's engrossing account of the campaign provides a fascinating insight into the world of politics at a pivotal time. Full of incident and drama it examines the personalities and events and reveals the conflicts and rivalries that arose as the campaign appeared to falter and the threat of defeat sent shock waves through Smith Square and Downing Street. Campaign! is a unique chronicle of the making of the Prime Minister, from the dark days of 1986, when an historic third term seemed unachievable, to the stunning victory on 11 June, a victory that has totally reshaped British politics.

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