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The Chamber * The Rainmaker (two bestsellers in one volume)

John Grisham
Nr katalogowy: 05370016
Liczba stron 920
Rok wydania 1998
Okładka miękka
Rozmiar 11x18 cm
Stan książki średni/wyraźne zużycie
gruba książka, zagniecenia i drobne wytarcia na okładce, pożółkłe strony
ilość dostępnych sztuk 1
Cena: 22,30 zł

Book description:

          THE CHAMBER
          Adam Hall is 26 years old and in his first year at a top Chicago law firm.  He volunteers for the toughest assignment any lawyer could ask for. His prospective client is a racist and murderer. Why would he take on Adam - a complete novice - to defend him? And why would Adam want his case so desperately? The answer lies in the past, in a twenty-year-old secret buried in the madness of another time.

          Rudy Baylor is a newly-qualified lawyer. He has one case, and only one case alone, to save him from his huge debts. It's a suit against a giant insurance company which could have saved a young man's life, but has instead refused to pay the claim until it is too late. The settlement could be worth millions of dollars, but there is one problem -  Rudy is up against the most expensive lawyers money can buy.

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