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The Third Wexford Omnibus (Some Lie and Some Die * Shake Hands Forever * A Sleeping Life)

Ruth Rendell
Nr katalogowy: 06580011
Liczba stron 541
Rok wydania 1990
Okładka miękka
Rozmiar 13x21 cm
Stan książki średni/wyraźne zużycie
zagniecenia na okładce, pożółkłe strony, zagięte i zawinięte rogi okładki i części kartek

Book description:

Some Lie and Some Die
          A body found at a rock festival. In spite of dire predictions, the rock festival in Kingsmarkham seemed to be going off without a hitch, until the hideously disfigured body is discovered in a nearby quarry. And soon Wexford is investigating the links between a local girl gone bad and a charismatic singer who inspires an unwholesome devotion in his followers. Some Lie and Some Die is a devilishly absorbing novel, in which Wexford's deductive powers come up against the aloof arrogance of pop stardom.
          With her Inspector Wexford novels, Ruth Rendell, winner of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award, has added layers of depth, realism and unease to the classic English mystery. For the canny, tireless, and unflappable policeman is an unblinking observer of human nature, whose study has taught him that under certain circumstances the most unlikely people are capable of the most appalling crimes.

Shake Hands Forever
          Another Wexford mystery. The Chief Inspector could discover no motive, no reason and no suspect for Mrs Hathall's daughter-in-law's murder - all he had were his own intuitive suspicions. Probably Angela Hathall really had picked up a stranger, and that stranger had killed her. But why the doubt?

A Sleeping Life
          Rhoda Comfrey's death seemed unremarkable; the real mystery was her life.
          In A Sleeping Life, master mystery writer Ruth Rendell unveils an elaborate web of lies and deception painstakingly maintained by a troubled soul. A wallet found in Comfrey's handbag leads Inspector Wexford to Mr. Grenville West, a writer whose plots revel in the blood, thunder, and passion of dramas of old; whose current whereabouts are unclear; and whose curious secretary--the plain Polly Flinders--provides the Inspector with more questions than answers. And when a second Grenville West comes to light, Wexford faces a dizzying array of possible scenarios--and suspects--behind the Comfrey murder.
          Brilliantly entertaining, exceptionally crafted, A Sleeping Life evokes the dark realities, half-truths, and flights of fancy that constitute a life.

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