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At the Prince's Pleasure (Royally Bedded, Legally Wedded * Crowned: An Ordinary Girl * The Royal Baby Bargain - 3 Harlequin romances in one volume)

Julia James, Natasha Oakley, Robyn Donald)
Nr katalogowy: 06670004
Liczba stron 540
Rok wydania 2009
Okładka miękka
Rozmiar 11x18 cm
Stan książki średni/wyraźne zużycie
zagniecenia i wytarcia na okładce, pożółkłe strony

Book description:

Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded
          From single mom to princess bride.... Lizzy Mitchell has something that Prince Rico Ceraldi wants: she's the adoptive mother of the young heir to the throne of San Lucenzo, Rico's Mediterranean principality! Lizzy will do anything for her little boy! When Rico demands a marriage of convenience, she says yes. It's a union in name only, as Rico considers her far too ordinary. But a royal wedding means a royal makeover -- and then Rico decides to bed his princess bride!

Crowned: An Ordinary Girl      
          The Andovarian royal family is mourning the untimely death of the king. An urgent summons orders the return of the heir -- His Serene Highness Crown Prince Sebastian II....
Just as Seb had tasted normal life, he was forced to do his duty. Accepting the crown meant losing his most precious gift -- the love of an ordinary girl.
           Now, years on, Marianne Chambers is visiting Andovaria. Seb has been given the second chance he's always longed for. But can he fight tradition and crown Marianne as his very own princess?

The Royal Baby Bargain
           Revenge -- by royal command! For three years Prince Caelan Bagaton has been searching for the woman who kidnapped his nephew. Now he has finally found her, and he is going to exact his revenge....
           Abby Metcalfe will do anything for the little boy she promised to protect. But Caelan has wealth and power and the child is a royal heir. To keep her promise Abby must agree to Caelan's demands -- and that means a royal marriage!

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