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The Bell

Iris Murdoch
Nr katalogowy: 01420065
Liczba stron 317
Rok wydania 2009
Okładka miękka
Rozmiar 13x20 cm
Stan książki dobry
pożółkłe strony

Book description:

          Dora Greenfield leaves her husband Paul Greenfield at the start of the novel, but realises that she is more afraid of him when she is away from him than when they are together, so agrees to return to him. During this time Paul has temporarily moved to Imber Abbey, Gloucestershire to work on some 14th century manuscripts. 

          Dora takes a train to Imber, and on her way she sees Toby Gashe (who is going to stay at the community before he goes to Oxford) and James Tayper Pace (a member of the community), but does not realise who they are. During the train journey Dora spots a butterfly crawling along the carriage and picks it up to avoid it being crushed. On the station Paul is waiting for Dora where she is introduced to Toby and James. During this conversation Dora releases the butterfly and they all watch it fly away. Throughout literature the butterfly has been the symbol of the soul, and wisdom: "Wisdom is a butterfly and not a gloomy bird of prey" (Yeats). Dora, distracted with rescuing the butterfly, leaves the suitcases on the train.

          Paul then drives them all to Imber where Dora is introduced to Mrs Mark, Michael Meade, Mark, Catherine, Peter Topglass and Patchway. They all attend a small service during which Dora leaves to explore the lake. Whilst doing this she throws her shoes off and forgets where she put them. Shortly afterwards Toby and James volunteer to find them, Toby being the successful person. During that evening Paul tells Dora the legend of the bell and how a nun had a lover but she wouldn't confess when called to do so. Because of this a bishop put a curse on the abbey; the bell then plummeted into the lake. At the same time James and Michael discuss where Toby should stay during his time at Imber. James reluctantly agrees with Michael that Toby should stay with Nick Fawley (Catherine's brother) to keep him company and keep an eye on him as he has threatened suicide in the past. Michael first knew Nick when he was a fourteen-year-old schoolboy. Michael had to leave his position as a teacher after Nick, who was sixteen at the time, told the Headmaster about the sexual relationship they had...

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